Joe Bageant wrote many newspaper and magazine articles over the years, but with the arrival of the Internet, he began putting his essays online and eventually developed a blog as a way to present his thoughts and communicate with his readers. His online work was greatly facilitated by his friend and webmaster, Ken Smith. From these beginnings, Joe eventually wrote two books: Deer Hunting With Jesus and Rainbow Pie. A third book of his 25 best essays was put together by Ken Smith under the title Waltzing At The Doomsday Ball.

   Joe passed away in 2011, but his online presence was preserved by Ken Smith at JoeBageant.net.

   In 2016, Ken passed away and the longterm viability of Joe’s website became questionable.

   We have established this site to keep Joe’s work available online. The site includes Joe’s blog posts and communications with readers, his essays, interviews and videos, as well as whatever else we could locate on the Internet.

    Blogs are normally presented with the latest article first and the oldest article last. This makes sense if the blog is ongoing, but since this is an archive, we have reversed the order so interested readers can see the development of Joe’s thoughts on the progressing (retrogressing?) social, economic and political scene.

   If any readers have content – Joe’s writing, pictures, personal communications, etc. – appropriate to the site, please use the Contact Form and we can discuss adding such content.

   Commenting is turned off on Joe’s posts but we invite you to comment here to let us know you’ve visited and what you think.

      Thank you.

2 comments to Welcome

  • Al Cantwell

    Man, I am super bummed to find out — very belatedly — that Joe Bageant passed away! I came late to the party, obviously, but I just finished reading Deer Hunting for Jesus and was going to tell him how much I enjoyed his book. I live in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and have visited Ajijic many times, which made the news of his passing hit even closer to home, literally. At any rate, Joe, thanks for the insightful book, and I look forward to reading more of your work.

  • Kevin Hayden

    I love to come visit Joe’s wisdom here. Thanks for maintaining this for all of us. Folks like Joe and Utah Phillips and Molly Ivins and Odetta and Tom Morello are national treasures.

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