Kindred Souls

Joe made many friends over the years, the miles and the countries. We are accumulating some of their thoughts here as well as interviews. If you know of more such work available, please Contact us.

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Columbia Rivew Letters to Joe La Cuadra
Socialist Review Open Revolt The Baffler
New Statesman GreenLeft Dandelion Salad
CounterPunch Decline Of The Empire Q-NIVERSE
Justin EH Smith Daily Yonder Swans
Obituary on Alternet Joe’s work at Alternet Aussie TV
More Down Under The Guardian Aussies again
Reality Maps Our Man In Boston Dangerous Minds
Decline of the Empire Everyday Citizen Occam’s Razor
Morris Berman Classism Review of Rainbow Pie
Review of Rainbow Pie Review snippets  

   Joe was published widely online, but it was his friend Ken Smith who got him organized, who collected all (more or less) Joe’s work in one place. Ken promoted Joe’s writing and edited his final book of essays. He did a lot of websites for various people and purposes, as well as at least two of his own, here  &  here, well worth reading.

   After Joe died, Ken dedicated himself to preserving Joe’s online presence. With Ken’s death in 2016, we are taking the torch from Ken and will attempt to keep Joe’s writing permanently available for the world to enjoy – and learn from.